Thursday, October 1, 2009


We all have that little child in us dont we? Anyway, the thing is I was searching for a good software for Ubuntu which could help me read comics. Most of the comic books available are in the .pdf format which means one has to use Adobe Reader to read. Now that isnt exactly an ideal proposition to be frank, not because Adobe Reader is not an open source software (oh well maybe that is a reason) but because Adobe Reader is kinda boring! No cool tweaks, no ease of use (I'll explain it later) etc etc. So I was kind of frustrated with it and wanted a dedicated comic book reader. The search wasnt easy. I had to climb to the highest of peaks and to the deepest of canyons to find....Comix!

Undoubtedly this is the most popular and the best comic reader available on Ubuntu. It has some really cool options like the fit width view, manga view and double page view as well as enhancement options which lets you have total control over the brightness, contrast, colour tone etc. And its super fast. It has this cool feature called bookmark which is pretty much what it sounds. And best of all, its open source! Wanna try it out?

Installation instructions

There are loads of download instructions given on the official page, but here's the easiest way of installing it. Its available in the software repositories in Ubuntu, so all you need to do is type the following after launching the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install comix

and it! You'll find it in the Graphics section of the Ubuntu applications menu.

Comix home page

Screenshots of Comix


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