Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goodbye GIMP

Wilber the coyote, an official mascot for GIMP...
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Yes, weird as it might sound, Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) might not have GIMP, the awesome image editing software, on its Release CD. For many of us GIMP is the open-source answer to Adobe Photoshop. As expected this has had mixed responses from various Ubuntu users.

Many feel this will help Ubuntu come out of its "nerdy" image and proclaim itself as a more user friendly OS. They feel F-Spot (another image editing software which is also on Ubuntu 9.10, but is very light weight and much easier to use for basic image editing tasks) is more than enough to satisfy the needs of most.

Then there's the other group which feels that GIMP is integral to Ubuntu's success and removing it from the CD edition will do nothing in popularising the OS.

I have mixed feelings about this. GIMP is without a doubt one of my favourite softwares on Ubuntu. And to be frank, if you're into at least into a little bit of blogging or image editing, it is an absolutely essential piece of software. But again, its not that GIMP wont be available to users, its just that one has to download it from the repositories. And on the positive side of it, Ubuntu is indeed going mainstream with the CD now having some of the most user-friendly softwares. (Lets face it, GIMP really isnt for beginners, is it?)

Well everything has its pros and cons. Lets see how things turn out! :)

Wikipedia: GIMP

Official Website of GIMP



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