Sunday, April 25, 2010

ImageShack Uploader

ImageShack Uploader is a software which helps you upload images to Only that now you can do so, from the comfort of your desktop without having to even open your browser.

Free Image Hosting at

Its really a cool app. Unfortunately there's no 64 bit version of the app for Linux. Fortunately though, there is getlibs (see - and that will help you install imageshack uploader on your 64 bit version of Ubuntu. (For 32 bit users, its a simple click and install process)

How to install ImageShack Uploader:

Install it.

If you're using a 32 version of Ubuntu you need not proceed any further. You can run ImageShack Uploader from Internet menu.

If however you're using a 64 bit version, install getlibs (

After than go to the Terminal (Accessories > Terminal) and type the following:

sudo getlibs /usr/bin/imageshack-uploader

Press "y" if you're asked to install packages. Thats it. You can now run ImageShack Uploader from the Internet menu.


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