Saturday, May 22, 2010

Extra Suggestions for 10.04

Here are some extra suggestions for 10.04.

1. Adobe AIR - Yes, its closed-source, but frankly if you leave aside Gwibber (which never worked for me), Ubuntu has no other way of integrating facebook and twitter into a single app. Tweetdeck is your only option.

For that you will have to install Adobe AIR (detailed instructions have been given here:, next go to the Tweetdeck site and download the .air file and simply double click and install.

You might also want to try Seesmic desktop, another useful Adobe AIR app.

Links: Tweetdeck (, Seesmic (

2. Compiz Plugins - Remember the much loved Burn effect of Compiz? Well it seems like in this edition Compiz will need a little more work to run properly, so type the following in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra

This will install the Burn effect (Compiz fusion extra plugins). All you now need to do is go the Compiz Config Manager and enable Animation add ons andthen select your preferred animation from the Animations tab.

3. Remove Adobe AIR apps - Removing Adobe AIR apps is quite easy. You dont need to have the .air file with you anymore you can remove the app from the Ubuntu Software Center just as you would with any Ubuntu app.

4. Chromium - Chromium is the open source twist to Google Chrome. The default version of Chromium in 10.04 was something I didnt really like. So I installed the repository of Chromium. How do you do that? Simple. Go to System > Administration > Software Sources. Now go to the Other Software tab and simply Add the following line:

Thats it. You will get the latest version of Chromium delivered right to your desktop.

So much for now, stay tuned for more tips and tricks.


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