Monday, January 10, 2011

Super Mario anyone?

Tired of playing the same old games in Ubuntu? Its quite a myth that Ubuntu doesnt have interesting games. Take a look at these really interesting, albeit highly addictive games already there in the Ubuntu Software Center.

1. Super Tux - Remember Mario? Yea the one which required you to insert a cartridge on a really (then) classy looking video game "console". Super Tux is Super Mario with Tux replacing Mario as the protagonist. The nooks and crannies and the hidden secrets remain largely the same. Anyone familiar with the old game will feel completely at ease instantly.

2. Super Tux 2 - This is another instalment of Super Tux. Brilliantly created and immensely addictive this game quite. Best of all this game has the add ons feature which basically allows you to add various levels to the game which the developer releases.

3. Extreme Tux Racer -  Extreme Tux racer is a racing game with Tux (you're on Linux, who else did you expect in the driver's seat?) in it.

The amazing gameplay of these games make them quite brilliant. It would be a huge miss if you didnt play these on Ubuntu. Every single game listed here is available in the Ubuntu Software Center. Simply search by using the name of the game and download!

Happy gaming!


  1. Could you reccomend some more games? Or you are just a 'tux' fan? :)

  2. @Maciej

    Okay, good suggestion. Here is my list of the best first person shooter games on Ubuntu:

    Explore Ubuntu: First Person Shooter Games

    Btw I would be lying if I said I wasnt a Tux fan though lol.

  3. Check this one