Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good to be back

Sorry guys for the delay in posting stuff here. I have been quite busy lately, I do have a life beyond the web as you understand. :) Thanks for sticking with me.

So, just wanted to discuss a few things I figured out. Recently I got myself a new N97 Mini. Its not an iPhone competitor so dont think along those lines. But fortunately I got it working fine with Ubuntu 10.04. Sure, the Ovi Suite doesnt work, even with Wine and I am having to resort to downloading stuff from the Ovi Store mobile app. But thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

In the meantime, a lot has happened in the Ubuntu sphere and I will be posting them here and discussing them to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for reading guys. Really appreciate all the support.

(Just a note, there is a Facebook page of Explore Ubuntu. You can also access Explore Ubuntu on Twitter and and stay up to date with everything Ubuntu.)


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