Saturday, July 3, 2010

Programming in Ubuntu

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I'm sure there are many developers here, wanting to create or develop Ubuntu applications. I'm also pretty sure that many of them want to create apps for other platforms as well.

Fortunately there are solutions for both. I will list here names of few IDEs that are available for both C++ and Java. And fortunately you can set them up and running in no time absolutely.

For C++, the preferred application is Code::Blocks. I have found this extremely user friendly and efficient. For Java, there are many good options. Most would say Eclipse as their preferred IDE, but I find Netbeans much easier to use. Both of them are available in the Ubuntu Software Center. There's of course a command line version, its called Pico. Its very easy to use and most of all will come in handy for people who are comfortable using the command line. Also note that the Ubuntu repositories may not have all the latest versions of these IDEs, so here are the links to their respective websites, in case you need to check out the latest version:



  1. Try gPhpEdit. In the repositories, so available from Software Center.