Friday, July 30, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat alpha 2 - A closer look

The alpha 2 version of Maverick Meerkat 10.10 was released a few weeks back, so here's what seems to have changed and what doesnt:

1. Installation:

Pretty much remains the same (as in Ubuntu 10.04), except a few notable additions, including informations about the Ubuntu One Music Store. (Sequential screenshots from a virtual machine given below)

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2. Booting Process - The booting process is now insanely fast. It took me about 7-8 secs to start Ubuntu 10.10 alpha 2 on a virtual machine. Although practical booting time may increase, I doubt if it will be any more than 15 seconds.

3. Changes :

Ubuntu Software Center

It now has a History tab and better management of repositories, and now an all new "Whats New" section.

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Pulse Audio

The volume options are now looking better than ever.

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Other than that its pretty much Ubuntu 10.04. This is of course expected as its just an alpha 2 release. So, fingers crossed for a great release a few months from now.


  1. help needed..

    recently installed ubuntu 10.04 in my laptop. it had windows xp home edition with c,d,e partitions before..

    I installed ubuntu 10.04 using CD & selected "Eraseand use entire hard disk option"

    I'm unable to use the HDD space.. it is not displayed in "places" either.

    From System->Administration->Disk Utility

    3 volumes are shown

    1. 58GB ext4 (grayed out) mounted at / (device:/dev/sda1)

    2. Extended 2.5GB (device:/dev/sda2)
    3. 2.5GB Swap space (device:/dev/sda5)

    how would I make use of 58GB space.. also need to format the space


  2. this could happen because of a lot of problems. there are complicated ways out, but i would really suggest that you stick to formatting the hard drive again. this will not only save your time, but also significantly reduce hassles.