Friday, July 17, 2009

Kubuntu...the "other" OS

Kubuntu 7.
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The hype around Ubuntu is so enormous, its sometimes easy to neglect its KDE counterpart Kubuntu.

I gave Kubuntu a try today, and was pleasantly surprised, shocked to some extent by its features. Not only did I find Kubuntu more user friendly, I also found its looks more "professional" than Ubuntu. Its customisation and configuration options are immense, much much more than what Ubuntu offers now.

The interface looks awesome, and the sheer "feel" of it is simply brilliant! Overall, Kubuntu feels like a more user friendly OS than Ubuntu. If Ubuntu and Kubuntu are coming from the same company, I wonder why the latter is being meted out such step brotherly treatment.

I think Kubuntu has a far greater chance of becoming the more realistic alternative than Ubuntu.


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  1. Kubuntu is my fav Ubuntu flav too , with a few kink fixes , it will go a long way