Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting Compiz to work on Ubuntu

The following has been tested on Ubuntu 9.10

Lets face it without compiz, ubuntu aint no fun! :)

If configured properly, compiz can work wonders for you, and basically make ubuntu a more enjoyable experience graphically.

How to install compiz:

This is very simple. Click on the GNOME menu and go to "Ubuntu Software Center". The type the words "Compiz" in the search bar and install the "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings" package.

Next follow the instructions and install the compiz package. After the installation, preferably restart your computer.

When you've rebooted, this is how you configure Compiz:

Go to System > Preferences >Compiz config settings manager

A window will open up with loads of options and these are the ones you need to select:

Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, 3D Windows, Cube reflection and deformation, Animations add on, Wobbly windows

Your compiz selections should look like this:

Also, make sure you go to General Options and increase you horizontal virtual desktop size to 4. Like so:

Now to add the "Burn" effect while closing windows, do the following:
Open the Compiz settings manager and click on the Animations tab. Now select the "Close Animation" tab and select "Burn" from the options. Usually "Zoom" is selected by default.

Thats about it! Now if you want to rotate the cube, just press the Ctrl and Alt keys together from your keyboard and move your mouse with the left click button (simultaneously). Enjoy!

Explore Ubuntu Top Tip: If you dont see any changes even after checking all the options as mentioned above, simply restart your computer.



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