Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ubuntu Tweak

Want to use Chromium, Opera and the latest beta softwares on Ubuntu? That can be a problem coz the Ubuntu repositories generally dont have the latest softwares, as new releases are tested by Ubuntu developers before adding them to repos.

Enter Ubuntu Tweak, a nifty and smart software which helps you install nearly all popular softwares not in the Ubuntu Repository.

To install Ubuntu tweak, you need to select your Ubuntu version and type of processor. Download the package thats suitable for you from here.

Save it on your hard drive and double click on the downloaded file. Click on the install option and wait for it to get completed.

Ubuntu Tweak can be found in the System Tools under the GNOME Application menu.
When the program loads, click on the Applications tab (of Ubuntu Tweak) and the on the Third Party Sources. Then click on the "unlock" button to unlock the programs (you might have to enter your password here). The pic elaborates it:

Image Hosted by

Finally select the software you want from the list and then tick the selection option. You need to click on "Refresh" to activate the software.

The following pic elaborates it (example has been given with Banshee Stable Version):

Image Hosted by

Thats it. Enjoy!



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