Sunday, November 15, 2009

Offline Blog Editor for Ubuntu

This is why I like Ubuntu, there's an app for almost everything! :)

Okay, so if you have a blog like I do, and you have limited bandwidth or if you just dont want to use your wordpress editor, there's a really cool Blog app called BloGTK Weblog Client (there are others such as Lekhonee etc. but none are as good as this one). This app allows you to post your blogs directly from your desktop.

To download it, go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for BloGTK Weblog Client.

Or if you want to use the terminal you can install BloGTK by typing the following command:

sudo apt-get install blogtk

You'll be asked for your password and the software will be installed.

Now coming to the configuring part. BloGTK is intalled in the Internet tab of your GNOME menu. Start the application. It looks like this:

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In the BloGTK application click on the "Edit" menu and then on "Accounts and Settings". Now you'll get a window similar to the pic given below:

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As you can see you need to set the options as the following:

  • Server URL: of your
    (This is of course for Wordpress, if you're using Blogger, your Server Address should be:

  • Blogging System: Movable Type
    (If you're using Blogger, your Blogging System should obviously be "Blogger"!)

  • Enter your username and password and leave all other settings untouched. Now when you're done open the "File" menu and click on the "Connect" option.

    Thats it. Now write your post and and post it on your blog. Pretty simple eh? :)


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    1. you know that version 2 is out, which is a complete rewrite with loads of new features? still waiting for ubuntu upstream to update the .deb though.... :s