Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bluetooth problem last!

If you've been using Ubuntu for sometime now you'd know that the default bluetooth manager isnt really good (well it never worked for me!). It was better in Jaunty but somehow Karmic 9.10 doesnt really 'get' bluetooth. Actually there was a really cool programme in Jaunty which was called 'Bluetooth File Transfer' (not exactly sure of the name). Somehow I cant seem to find that software anywhere on the web, let alone in the Ubuntu repos. Basically this had prevented me from transferring files from my mobile to PC for a few months.

Anyway here what you need to do, first up go to Ubuntu Software Center, search with the words 'blueman' and install the app. Here's the pic:

Ideally there should already be a small icon on your GNOME panel with the new Bluetooth Manager icon.
(If not go to GNOME Menu > System > Preferences > Bluetooth Manager)

Right click on that icon and select Local Services from the drop down menu. Next select the options from the Transfers tab exactly as shown in this pic:

Thats it, the next time you transfer a file, it will land up right on the specified folder! No hassles at all.