Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flash for 64 bit

Adobe has finally come up with a 64 bit version of flash which can be installed without any tweaks. Ubuntuforums has helped me out with installing the recent beta version of flash 64 bit.

First up, you need to clean your computer of anything 'flash'. To do that type these one by one in the terminal...

sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-installer
sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash
sudo apt-get remove --purge iceweasel-flashplugin mozilla-flashplugin firefox-flashplugin
sudo apt-get remove --purge swfdec-mozilla libflashsupport nspluginwrapper iceape-flashplugin
sudo apt-get remove --purge xulrunner-flashplugin midbrowser-flashplugin xulrunner-addons-flashplugin
sudo rm -f ~/.mozilla/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/iceape/plugins/
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins/
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins/
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/midbrowser/plugins/
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/*flash*
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins/
sudo rm -f /usr/lib/xulrunner/plugins/
sudo rm -f /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/

(Source - Ubuntuforums)

And then install the 64 bit build of flash as directed here.

The instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow. So get the latest flash installed.



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