Friday, January 15, 2010


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I guess most of you must have heard of it, if not then this is for you.

Songbird is to Ubuntu what iTunes is to Mac or Windows. This music player uses the Mozilla build with loads of features. The best part is, it supports 'add-ons', yea much like the ones for Firefox, and believe me the add ons are brilliant! There are loads of customisation options available and the interface is unlike any other media player you have seen. And its syncing features are really awesome. So give it a try.

Songbird can be downloaded from the website here. (Although the Synaptic should already have Songbird)


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  1. I finally succeed to install Songbird. Not easy apparently for a 64 bits user without much experience. That would be my main "complaint" about it.
    It is for sure packed with goodies and would make a great audio player.. I guess I could use it instead of dreaming of Amarok.
    Hopefully, they will ease the installation for the incoming Lynx, that would be great.