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If you're using Linux, you might feel a bit uncomfy whenever your friends tease you about Linux not having any proper games. There's no 3D first person shooter game etc etc. Well, next time you meet such people, tell them you came across Nexuiz.

Nexuiz is a first person shooter game which is much like Quake. It has both single player and multiplayer versions. The game-play is smooth and perhaps more importantly the game itself is very 'light', absolutely nothing special is required in terms of processing power and graphics capability to enjoy this game.

Its available from the Synaptic as well as the Ubuntu Software Center (I would prefer to use the latter). Type 'nexuiz' in the search bar of Ubuntu Software Center. And install it. This image will demonstrate it.

Mind you the installation can take some time, on a 256kbps connection it took me about 4-5 hours. The link to the official site of Nexuiz is here. Also, do note the Ubuntu software repos might not update itself as soon as Nexuiz releases a new version. So, do check out the download page of the site here for the very latest updates (if you're playing in the Multiplayer mode, the latest updates are necessary).

Try it out! You wont be disappointed.


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