Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Songbird - multiple album entries

Songbird with the following add-ons: MediaFlow...
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This is something which I noticed the other day. When Songbird detects a new album which has songs from various different artists, it adds a new album entry for each and every song. This can be very annoying because you might end with hundreds of apparent albums when you have only a few.

The solution is very simple. Any album metadata (or ID3 tags) has an 'Artist' entry as well as an 'Album Artist' entry. Mediaflow characterises new entries on the basis of 'Album Artist', so if you have an album which has songs from various artists, i.e. has different 'Artist' entries, edit the metadata and make sure you have the same 'Album Artist' entry for the entire album. That way each album will have 1 entry regardless of the number of singers/artists for that album. I generally use 'Various artists' as my preferred entry. You can of course use your own.

This is a very minor issue but it can bother users. Hope this helped.



  1. I haven't ever used Songbird. When did it come out? I haven't used Ubuntu for 3 to four releases.

  2. The first stable release of Songbird came out last year in December. Its available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Here's the link to its official site: