Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been using quite a few sites for my daily dose of new wallpapers. If you have been following my blog and trust my judgement, take it from me, the following sites offer the very best wallpapers there are on the web. Of course, all of these sites offer their wallpaper downloads for free.

1. Socwall: Easily the best site for wallpapers and hi def photography enthusiasts. This site has some of the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen and wallpapers are constantly added to its database throughout the day. You can check out the website any way you want, but I would suggest going through the Most Viewed and Highest Rated sections.

2. HD HD Wallpapers has some great stuff, with their database classified into categories making it easy for you to select and download the wallpaper/s of your choice. The downside is that every wallpaper you download comes in .zip format, so basically you need to unzip/decompress the file before using it. That can be a bit irritating sometimes, but judging by the quality of photos on offer, I think its pretty much worth the pain.

3. If you are in the lookout for Ubuntu wallpapers/wallpapers with the Ubuntu logo, this is your destination to some of the most beautiful Ubuntu wallpapers.

These three sites should supply you with enough wallpapers to last a lifetime. Honest!


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