Monday, February 8, 2010

YouTube Auto Buffer for Google Chrome

YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads (originally developed by JoeSimmons) is if course a very popular greasemonkey script for firefox. It does exactly what the name suggests, autobuffers youtube videos, removes ads and helps you select the default resolution for all. The problem which was there earlier was the fact that this script was unavailable for google chrome.

However I learnt today that a really awesome developer sizzlemctwizzle has come up with the perfect solution. There's no need to install greasemonkey if you are on google chrome. Just install the script. The script is on this page but for your benefit here's the direct download link. Just click on this link and it will be installed.

Of course if you are using firefox, first install greasemonkey from here and then install the script from the userscripts page.


UPDATE: There is now an official extension for Google Chrome in its Extensions page which autobuffers YouTube videos (unrelated to the Greasemonkey script mentioned above). Its called Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Although this doesnt select HD as the default resolution, I think this extension will come in pretty handy for those who have a slow internet connection.

Link: Google Chrome Extensions Page



  1. Chrome/ium natively supports Greasemonkey user scripts!!!
    more info in the chromium blog:

    gr8 blog.