Friday, February 19, 2010

Ubuntu Pocket Guide And Reference

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is a book written by Keir Thomas. Its available for free download on this page:
(Alternatively you can also buy the book from

Its written in a very lucid way, clarifies everything a beginner needs to know about Unix, GNU and Ubuntu, and there's absolutely no technical jargon which is beyond the grasp of a beginner. And best of all, its a fun read! Although it is primarily aimed at beginners, I would highly recommend it to everyone using Ubuntu. There's something for everyone in this book. And the best part is the author has (and let me put it this way, out of pure goodwill) decided to release the book as a free downloadable one.

The size of the download is around 2MB, so it really wont take long to download. I am currently going through the book and I love it! Hence I would highly recommend it to everyone using Ubuntu (or any other version of Linux for that matter), beginner or not.


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