Monday, March 15, 2010

Activate Jamendo and Magnatune on Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox has a pretty neat feature inbuilt into it. It has plugins for Jamendo and Magnatune. These sites offer free legal downloads of music from independent artists. And trust me, some of the music is breathtaking!

So how do you activate Jamendo and Magnatune on your Rhythmbox?

Go to Edit and then Plugins option on your Rhythmbox. Then simply activate Jamendo and Magnatune:

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Thats it. Now simply click on the Jamendo and Magnatune options on the side panel of your Rhythmbox and the playlists will start loading. Simply double click on the track to listen to it. And right click on it to download the track/album, get artist info, donate etc.

Jamendo loading:

Songs playing from the Jamendo playlist:


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