Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautify the Terminal

The terminal is the most boring looking thing on Linux systems. Isnt it? Well yes, if you decide to stick to the default look which is this:

But what if you could spice things up a bit? Sounds cool? Well, dig in!

Steps to change the look of the Terminal :

First up open the Terminal. How do you do that? Well you must have known this by now, but anyway, go to Accessories > Terminal.

Now go to Edit and then Profiles.

Click on the New tab and enter the name of your new profile and hit "Create". I have entered a pretty crappy name "New Profile"!

A new window will open with a lot of settings:

Now select the Colors tab and select whatever settings you want. Try it to see how it looks.

This is the setting which I particularly like:

It will make your Terminal look like this:

(I suggest you stick to this color setting which you have just changed, as transparency works best with it.)

But of course, my favourite is Transparency, so I'll get to it right away. Click on the Background tab. Select Transparent Background and then change the Transparency bar to suit you needs.

End result, you get a terminal which looks like this against the background:

Extra Tips :

As suggested here, make sure you create a new profile before you change any settings. I wouldnt recommend changing the Default profile at all, as you would always have it as a backup incase something went wrong, or you wanted back the original Terminal look.

If you want to retain the new look of the Terminal, then you must select it as the Profile used when launching the Terminal, so that the you get the desired look everytime you open the Terminal. You can change this by going to Edit > Profiles and then changing the option of Profile used when launching the Terminal to your new profile:


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