Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For Independent Artists and Musicians

If you are an independent artist and your music/album is on Jamendo, then you can have your album/music featured across all Explore Ubuntu sites and Twitter blogs absolutely free. The album will be featured on all sites of Explore Ubuntu:


Albums will be featured for 1 (ONE) week after which the next album in the queue will be featured. To have your album featured, email me at :


[Replace (at) with @]

In the email you must provide the link to the album (ON JAMENDO), any links on any other site (other than Jamendo will NOT be accepted).

PLEASE NOTE: Explore Ubuntu us NOT a commercial venture. Please DO NOT PAY anyone claiming money to have your album featured on Explore Ubuntu. Also, you need to send me an email with the details of your album. Comments to this post for featuring an album will NOT be entertained.

Finally, why am I doing this free service you might ask. Well, I have found that there are many (infact many is an understatement) really talented musicians who have their music on Jamendo, and not may take notice. So, this is just my way of repaying those awesome people who dare to distribute their music for free.

For the time being, I will be featuring my favourite albums from Jamendo. These will be featured in the side panel on the right hand side.

*This is simply a small gesture of thanks. I am NOT connected/involved with Jamendo in any way.*


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