Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Beta1 - A closer look

The following images will explain the installation procedure of Ubuntu 10.04 Beta1. The images are in exact order of their appearance:

Changes and Additions:

The default theme (Ambience). Notice the maximize, minimize, close buttons which have been on the left hand side. Just a bit of info though, changing the theme WONT change the alignment of the buttons (to change the alignment you will have to edit it through gconf-editor. For more info and detailed instructions on how to do this, take a look at this post : Moving Buttons)

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No substantial change in Accessories.

Some useless boring games (sorry) have been removed, and gbrainy, a new game has been added.

GIMP removed (sadly).

Gwibber has been added here. Unfortunately I never got it to work, neither in 9.10 nor in this 10.04 beta1. Still needs some work Gwibber.

Expected list of applications here in the Office section.

Pitivi has been added. Its a very basic no-frills video editor. But works fine.

Universal Access menu now is included in the default install. The onBoard thing is an on-screen keyboard. Very cool.

Preferences menu. Messaging and VoIP has been added.

Administration menu. There's now a Startup Disk Creator.

These are completely new elements which have been added. Very sleek and more importantly integrates perfectly with the interface.

The volume bar is now really user-friendly.

The new look Ubuntu Software Center.

Firefox with its new Yahoo! homepage for Ubuntu 10.04.
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Rhythmbox (hold you breath, I'm getting to Ubuntu One Music Store):
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And finally tadaaaa! Ubuntu One Music Store!

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WARNING though, its very buggy right now. Many of the stuff dont work, but you should file bug reports or post your comments on existing ones to help the developers come up with a solution before the final stable version releases.

Generally the orange-aubergine looks quite charming. (Stop saying it looks gay! lol) The interface now looks really smooth and elegant.

There has been a lot of changes in this edition. Some of them good, some of them...well, you get it. But overall, this is a very important release which firmly establishes Ubuntu as not just the leading Linux OS, but also a growing mainstream OS.


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