Friday, March 12, 2010

Creating Image Slideshow

Sometimes we have loads of images which we want to convert to videos with background music and stuff. Create an image slideshow that is. Ubuntu offers quite a few programs in its default repositories itself for this sort of projects. However there is one which I particularly like.

Its called imagination (what an appropriate name!). Its a very user friendly piece of software which will help you create those all important slideshows. It has loads of settings which you can tweak or leave as is, which works just as well. The output formats are .VOB, .OGV, .FLV and .3GP. For any help you can consult the Help file which is quite extensive and is actually helpful.

To install Imagination, go to the Ubuntu Software Center and search for 'Imagination' (obviously!) and Install. Its that simple.

Here's a screenshot of Imagination:

The slideshow creation process is as simple as Add Images and Create Slideshow. You can obviously add music etc. But for that to happen (to add MP3 support etc.) there is one package you need to install. Its called: libsox-fmt-all

So go to the terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install libsox-fmt-all

Thereafter its pretty simple.


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