Friday, March 5, 2010

Cartman's Authoritah

Thats Cartman from South Park in case you havent guessed it already. Cartman's Authoritah is a really cool, light weight game which in my opinion every South Park fan should have a go at (and yes, it includes the choicest of Cartman quotes). By the way, its a Windows game. Worry not though, because it works perfectly (yes, absolutely perfectly) under WINE. (If you havent installed WINE yet, you should check out this link here: How To Install WINE)

The screenshot of the game is given below (Cartman and Kenny):

I dont usually recommend using Windows games on Ubuntu simply because they can sometime be very buggy, but I'll make an exception in this case though. The game is absolutely free and the best part is its only 1.43 MB!

So, you have absolutely no reason not to download it and give the game a try.

You can download the game from, the link is here: Cartman's Authoritah


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